In Pictures: 糖屋’建筑热潮继续

2018年5月7日 迈克·法夫

Construction continues unabated in the 糖屋 Business District with four projects actively underway, bringing new jobs, residents, hotel guests and a small amount of additional retail to the area.  Although 21 by Urbana does […]


In Pictures: 糖屋 is still rising

一月22,2018 迈克·法夫

一个不那么忙碌的冬天帮助了糖屋’目前的建筑热潮将持续到整个冬季。邻里正在进行六个截然不同的项目,这些项目将带来新的办公空间,商业空间以及几乎 […]

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